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Pumpkin Spice Podcast: Pets & Pet Sematary

This is episode is full of spoilers so know that going ahead thank you!

Rob: Welcome to pumpkin spice podcast here's an episode that… I guess we didn't really discuss this Brittnay, I'm—first of all I'm Rob Schulte.

Brittany: I am Brittany High.

Rob: Brittany should we put this one out to the public? I kind of think it needs to

Brittany: OOooh! yeah. yeah.

Rob: I think so I think so it's just safer that way I mean people are seeing the movies we're talking about why not put it out there it's opening weekend righ

Brittany: its safety first
Rob: yes safety did you pass gas again?

Brittany: absolutely
Rob: I was talking to my dog he he farts all the time speaking of dogs
Brittany: yeah?

Rob: Brittany, I have an important question to ask you

Brittany: go for it.

Rob: I'm going out of town this week I leave tomorrow and Clive is coming with me it's a little road trip my girlfriend and I are taking not far, two hours... but you've you've traveled with an animal before right and then traveling circus you belong to
Brittany: yes
Rob: I would like to know have you done long car rides with the dog
Brittany: I sure have cross country
Rob: wow
Brittany: yeah

Rob: well bring it on tell me some, I mean A) do you have any adventures stories from a cross country road trip dog or No dog, and B) what can I do to make it easy on Clive

Brittany: well one perspective that I think is worth noting is you know how much your dog looks going outside
Rob: Oh yeah

Brittany: I love when I have taken my dog on road trips that when you know you take stops to let them go outside that they're like they're like "what this plate like they're like this doesn't smell like my neighborhood" and then yeah them peeing on that is really extra meaningful because you know the likelihood that they'll ever come back is not high so you know the other animals that passed through there are like who is this?

Rob: yeah mystery dog like I wanna meet this Clive

Brittany: pungent

Rob: do you think this kind of the same mentality of people who like, tag? you know who is king thirty four he put a crown over the lower case 'i' what a genius

Brittany: yeah that's really smart I definitely haven't seen that one before \

Rob: you know what that gives me not the king part but the mystery dog part you know we'll be coming back a week later if I eat trying plan it to let Clive pee in the same place twice he might be able to see who else has visited that spot and it will be big for him too

Brittany: that sounds really involved but if you want to make it happen for him...

Rob: put a pan and where he pees!

Brittany: yeah but as far as advice I would say I get these little... so funny I am such a sucker for advertising I wanted to get my dog a little like sedative but you know just like a look a little herbal something. I went with the one that the packaging that the cat and dog look like sleepy and high they are like smiling it's like they had some indica
Rob: like they will be driving

Brittany: they're definitely not the drivers do not operate heavy machinery if you are a dog but

Rob: Or sleepy!

Brittany: Or Sleepy! But they look good and that's what made me buy it and when my dog has it he he just gets a little more like you know loose


Brittany: like yeah he's like I don't care turn up the vacuum cleaner who cares

Rob: Clive is so weird he is not afraid of a vacuum cleaner the only thing that makes him like rambunctious is when someone shuts a dumpster that's near our house, so it's like a metal on metal noise that's like slams it's not even that loud but it is a little like OH I didn't expect that to happen just does the standard like HOWL and we're like Chill out dude.

Brittany: He's Arnold?

Rob: he's actually Tim Taylor ARRRoooo but then he like looks at me with like his mouth and lips like pursed as if like "I'm about to bark again this is the only face I make when I Bark I'm about to do it again do I do I do it again do I not" and he's like it's a staredown between me and him.

Brittany: permission to bark

Rob: permission to bark! oh wow that's a sequel in the making! so Brittany I do appreciate your advice this is my pet smart man %HESITATION but legalities I don't know I guess that's part isn't a weed shop yeah it's definitely not and there's no which is a looks like they've smoked looks like a smoke weed I can't get out of sight with whatever drugs there on that yeah that's like that's like twenties drugs yeah and I mean nineteen twenties like lunch it was really fucked up yeah prohibition was a weird time well this is my is gonna be goodbye Charlie by Charlie it was that actually the other day somebody had dog treats there's a dog at the office somebody had dogs as like those are those are good ones they're delicious and they were like had them I was like damn I am the kind of person that really comes across as Mike ID dog I only tried them one time if I like it there definitely gonna like yeah I was on a diet so I was desperate please display to the dog what you would like it to do yeah I should outdoors yes that's why I pee in the toilet take that out thank goodness I'm give why you pee in the toilet thank goodness every dog I've ever had has as well yes his you've got those classy rich people dogs yep okay movie at hand how me about it I do this will be like it's not gonna be like a regular episode but I do want to say that I went to an advance screening a pet cemetery you're still advanced yes %HESITATION Brooklyn horrorfest a paramount put this on and it was I mean is great it's like any sort of ran screening %HESITATION you sign up you get your ticket you wait in line and you pray that you are close enough in line even though you signed up and got it you know what I mean one of those things out is there gonna give away tickets to the people that are you know fast members or on email lists or press or whatever first they're guaranteed all of us podcasters and little people %HESITATION short does not wearing fingerless gloves okay well you can get yourself some well now I know but we made it in and L. before the movie started the cat actor that plays church the cat one of the three characters names tonic came out %HESITATION I followed him and Instagram tonic A. K. church %HESITATION yeah great actor probably the most capable of all of the queue an ace up because it was no bullshit you know no but to be fair I'll get to the queue in a afterwards any you recently brit I read the book I know I know I know do you read is well half of that I listen to an audio book when I'm moving I can't be reading so I just switched it off two but do you know anything of the original story or the movie from eighty nine was eighty nine in maybe ninety three doesn't really matter sorry do you know anything of it all I know is that when they type pet cemetery into my phone it tries to change it to Pat seminary like that's a rural weird but I would love to be a fly on the wall for that yeah I would be there I would put on the dog cost him to go to the gate we're going in okay that's a different broadcast if we more donors will have the ability to make a third podcast maybe that'll be it dog investigators yeah anyhoo so basically it's family moved to a town in Maine not dairy main they'll it moved to Ludlow on their property is United acres of forest the dad is a doctor the he's working for the university they put him up in this house in the woods there is a pet cemetery made by children years ago just as like a something to do and you know the forties I guess in the book I can't remember the exact year and it just kind of went down the line and kids kept doing it it's a little eerie but nothing huge beyond the pet cemetery is a land of that if you bury as something that is dead it will come back but it doesn't come back the same comes back a little bit off sometimes at super evil sometimes that's just mean and sometimes it's just kinda gross that's not all negative that it's always negative there's been no positive I wouldn't want to like give it a test if it was any option of it being positive because it's like I'll take a one off of my dad does you know what I'm saying here but not going to be mean and like that kind of ruins it yeah within the story and in the movie the doc starts his first day and there's a tragic incident where someone dies the area is a broke the docks at work this kid comes in he's getting hit by a car he dies and the doctor Louis sees a vision this is the dad and he says you know don't go beyond history with the warning your classic warning total right but you know the cat dies one day and in the movie it's at the daughter's birthday party I'll talk the glaring differences later because we all kind of know them before at all familiar with the story the neighbor that Lewis has made friends with says you love your daughter follow me tonight takes him to the area beyond the pets Terry where they bury the cat you find out later that the land has like a power were over people who find it and so it's almost beyond their control sharing it so if you've heard of it and someone could benefit from it %HESITATION quote benefit from it you're going to tell them about it okay sure so in the original story and movie their youngest son who's like a year old dies any breaks into a parade the cemetery possum out the sun comes back in talks like he's you know an adult while also killing people very malevolent Lee the dad goes insane the wife scenes of dying the old man ends up dying because of the baby so the dad takes the wife up there and in the epilogue it's like left you know she comes back she calls him Darling we don't really know where it goes from there yes she does she kill em in the book does she kill them is this the one time that it's changed because he was able to get %HESITATION buried quicker than anyone else we don't really know but that's also kind of like take the chance say it again he takes a chance yeah he bears well if she comes back so the twist in the new movie is that they have the daughter who's nine die instead of the sun news one it makes sense you know it's easier to write well first of all like the kid in the original movie was young and you're not gonna get an actor to do what you need them to do this script called for something much more than that because they changed it to the nine year old right but that didn't set in motion like a completely different third act then the book or the original movie which I know people have their hang ups to source material things like that but I thought it was still fun and I had a great time and to spoil it completely because I know you're not gonna see it in some people is the show Hey scary movies so the daughter dies the dad brings the daughter back to life she's more communicated with and not really that mean with him but she still got like she's breaking stuff in the house she's grumpy she ends up killing the old man Judd she then also kills the mom in a really mean way and you realize no yes she is mean she's just somehow not mean to dad she takes mom to the pet cemetery brings mom back to life mom comes takes dad to the pet cemetery it will kill them take them to the pet cemetery the movie ends with them all approaching the one year old to gauge as undead which has the same vibe of the end of the story a like what happens next we can probably predict what it is but you never really know yeah thanks for taking one for the team sometimes dead is better but US news cool because tickets are free they give us to free drinks free popcorn in some really kick ass posters which I got an extra poster of so we have something to give out to listeners because I was gonna say is like a day you're gonna say this for mean as I I don't really handle all species of our yeah are you asking me to take down my jam poster for not ask her Cameron's on my wall and I'm not ready to let go yet actually days and save them but the body's got their heart throb yep yep everything everyone does have their hearts rob what's your I. his celebrity crash E. seventy ever yeah right now currently yeah yeah but like only in college years O. okay great because you then end of the age got it you well you know you said it I guess yeah the things that I the law would have liked to have seen more in the movie would I mean Stephen King is a character writer he creates a character and then winds it up and lets it loose in a world that has a loose idea right this is a monkey Paul story it's just an adaptation of that with like highly developed characters and it was very important in the book and at least I took away that the next door neighbor Judds were the relationship that Lewis and Judd create as like a father figure makes it that much harder when that character is trying to tell him that he has no control that he had to show him the pet cemetery or the land we whatever you wanna call it the old burial ground yeah and also at the end when he dies it's much worse because he's as Lewis is actually set loose something that has killed his father killed his wife killed everyone he cares about I hate that but how do you do that how do you really make characters that are really really close to people in a hour and a half you know like this story they told is a good story and I enjoyed the movie and visually it looks really cool I could have done with a little bit bigger sets in some certain areas but it still looked great while asking on behalf of my brother Graham yeah yeah yeah lighting %HESITATION the lighting was great most of it seemed fairly natural when it was outside of the house you could tell when there was a shift when they got to the eerie part of the woods but it seemed on purpose and I liked it okay I'll have to let him know now Britney I mentioned it earlier I think the rules of this poster we're giving away in the next week that this episode comes out anyone who becomes a patron you'll be entered into a random selection so forget three people your odds are good if we get more your odds are bad but that's where we're gonna keep it to a week yeah we get a patron within that week we do we don't get a lot of patrons so maybe one in every single one is special in their own unique way well yeah of course that's what I'm saying like the odds are good that if you become a patron that there's probably not a lot of other people given the way our secrets but the posters gigantic it's like eighteen by twenty four and is awesome looking at well I mean some people do some people have like rooms to jam in or record podcasts in acting on those walls yeah more people put things on walls and we guarantee that to you right now okay I just I'm just gonna take your word for it yeah right down right down I'm just kidding like take any I I just wanna say I appreciate you letting the rock about it what did you write down I said take his word for it you were down eggs yeah Jeez okay so we should really get back to working on TV show show season two that's right everyone knows that they can listen to the TV show show or they can was the pumpkin spice podcast and you couldn't be a patron by going to patriot accomplish pink jeans which is our production company it's pretty legit we yeah don't have business cards but I mean like other than that mainly because we care about the the environment uses business cards it's a way to network with that be I did I snapped because you know I'm networking gotta make those connect and gloves okay I'm gonna go on vacation now oh my gosh and share V. came in see you later tell everyone hi is specially Quincy yells get all up in his face is a specially okay see you later we have a second chance