Two Weeks of Shows with Doin' It with Mike Sacks, Employee of the Month, Mr Corpo, and The Bell

I've been pretty busy this March—which is good for a freelancer, but complicated without a schedule. If I find myself not writing down what gigs I need to be at, what shows need to be edited, or the time I need to set aside to learn something new or exercise, I get entirely too flustered.

I guess I forgot to write down "create a weekly blog post." Sorry I missed last week.

Here's what I've got:

Doin' It with Mike Sacks: Miles Kahn (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) and George Saunders (Lincoln in the Bardo.)

Mike interviews author George Saunders about his latest, and first, novel, "Lincoln in the Bardo," and talks with Miles Kahn of "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee." Mike discloses a pornographic past.
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Employee of the Month with Catie Lazarus: THE YES MEN

Do The Yes Men know how to beat Trump at his own game? The media savvy duo Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos gained fame in 1990’s for their lefty political pranks, which led to multiple documentaries, cult following of like-minded activists, and, most important, corporations taking notice. They exposed Dow Chemical for failing to compensate thousands of victims of their oil spill in Bhopal, India. More recently, The Yes Men created a parody NRA website offering to deliver “life-saving firearms” to “poor urban centers,” which led the NRA to shut down 38,000 affiliate websites. We spoke about exercising our democratic rights to resist, stand up, and survive.

Mr Corpo: Bored at Work / Humans versus Employees

Are you bored at work? If yes, listen to this podcast about being bored at work. If no, get to work.
What does it mean to treat your employees and your co-workers as human beings? Does it change how you treat them? Does it change how you motivate them? MR CORPO dives into the world of being human in the workplace. MAURI SKINFILL joins the podcast to challenge MR CORPO's assumptions and argues that it may be detrimental for women to share too much personal information in the workplace. 

The Bell: 42% in 2016 with 13% income… Impossible? Meet Steve Kaczmarek of East End Wealth Mgmt

Adam speaks with Steve Kaczmarek of East End Wealth Management.