Dealing with Haters at Work

Today's episode of Mr Corpo will help you cut through the BS and fix any problem you have with someone you work with. The easy answer is to not be evasive and confront the problem directly, but sometimes that just doesn't work. Hopefully, today's step-by-step instructions will give you a better shot at having a comfortable work environment.

What do you do if someone at work hates you? MR CORPO gives a simple 3 step process on how to defuse and disarm your enemies in the workplace.


Maybe you're stressed, maybe you're fearful, maybe the last thing you want to hear about is someone hating you at work. If this is the case let me add some fun to your day. 

Last night I was listening to The Best Show and they were trying to find the top 25 most coked out moments. Immediately I was reminded of this fantastic interview with Nic Cage.