How To Get Your Dream Job

What's up!? Today's episode comes from Justin Kerr or better known as Mr Corpo. I really like his show because it helps organize all the questions you may have about not going crazy at work.

It also helps you if you're on the job hunt. *AHEM*--excuse me.

So what's today's episode about? Getting your dream job within the company you already work for. Check it out!


They walk in line - They walk in line - They walk in line. Most people and most corporations just want you to walk in line, wait your turn, and do as you are told. They do things the way they do them because that's the way they've always been done. 

MR CORPO explains how to break through this stasis and actually get what YOU want - because the thing is - your boss is busy, your boss' boss is worried about their own job, their own promotion, their own life - so if you are sitting at your desk waiting for someone else to give you your dream job your butt is going to get really sore.

MR CORPO explains how to get your dream job and why you don't have to leave your current company in order to get it.

You just have to do 2 easy things:
(1) decide what you want.
(2) tell other people what you want.
It's that easy. Listen to this episode to get all the details and tactics so you can take control of your life and get what you want.