Paul Feig, a poem, and Alexis Coe

Yesterday I finished up part three of The Best of Doin' It with Mike Sacks from 2016. These best of episodes are trickier than I had originally planned due to Mike's lengthy and in-depth interviews. There's so much incredible information in the interviews that it's hard to pick out what is the best of the best.  Of course, after I find a good interview clip, I get to pick through some of the funnier scripted bits.

This episode's interview segment comes from Mike's chat with writer/director Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks, Ghostbuster, Superstud et al.) The comedic portion of the show I chose was a poem Mike read from his "late" friend.

After the clips are said and done there's an amazing interview conducted by Ian Goldstein with Alexis Coe, host of the Audible series Presidents are People Too! If you haven't heard that show I highly suggest you check it out. I love when public figures are humanized.