New episodes!

Self-promotion often times comes with a negative stigma. How much do you promote yourself?, In what ways is it professional, in what ways is it annoying?

In my freelance work, I face this struggle every time I want to share one of the shows I have edited or produced. Not every show is for everyone and sometimes multiple shows drop on the same day—so when I have new episodes out I'll release them here in blog form.

Today I have two episodes, the first is a documentary style micro podcast I'm producing for New York City's White Horse Theater Company, and the second is a show I produce for financial reporter Jane King.

A Brief History of The Players
Inside Off-Off Broadway's White Horse Theater Company

Janet Jenness, Players Board member, describes The Players founding and its rich history of supporting the arts.  She relays many of the club's most unique features including a mysterious woman seen in her dressing gown and a real human skull, all housed within the historic clubhouse on Gramercy Park.  
Counterfeit Money and Counterfeit News-How they are related
KaChing with Jane King

Sadly, there is money in fake news-sometimes a lot of it. A former executive at the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Businessweek, Ellen Pollack discusses with hosts Jane King and Kim Mustin how these creators prey on a gullible public, how to spot it, and what can be done about it. Pollack shares her thoughts on the ways they gin up material and how there's a parallel to teaching kids about having a healthy skepticism in life. Continue the discussion or ask a question that will help your family by using the hashtag #KidsKaching on social media. This episode was produced by Rob Schulte