1. I’m a Brooklyn-based producer with a focus on Podcasts

  2. Since 2016 I’ve produced for VICE, SiriusXM, Maximum Fun, Stitcher, and more

  3. My specialties are punching up comedy scripts, and developing the audio “moment”

  4. For nine years I worked as a talent buyer and live events producer

  5. I was taught audio recording, editing, and storytelling craft at the Sound + Vision studio within the Lawrence Public Library

  6. Big fan of lists

  7. I also enjoy endings

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Current Podcasts

Previous work


Mike Sacks

Editor at Vanity Fair

Author: Poking a Dead Frog, Stinker Lets Loose

"Best podcast producer in the world.”

Mauri Skinfill

Strategy Director at Likeable Development & Design

"Rob’s attention to detail, excellent editing instincts and overall production chops have directly shaped good content into great storytelling. As principal and head of strategy at Likeable I’ve worked extensively with producers across a range of media and recognize the elements of successful ones. Rob is a gem among creatives: self-directed, great communicator, combining executional precision with a genuine passion for ideas. His work ethic is impeccable and he treats big challenges and small with the same enthusiastic creativity."

Justin kerr

President at Imprint Projects

Author: How To Be Great At Your Job

"I have known Rob for over 10 years in a capacity as band member, pen pal, friend, and even now – co-worker. Rob has recently helped me to launch my new podcast MR CORPO. He impressed me with his organization, his coaching, his pre-work – and his gentle manner when giving constructive feedback. He has been a pleasure to work with on recording our episodes, editing, and basically doing everything. As a corporate executive I know what good, efficient work looks like – and I can assure you that Rob is reliable and hard working. He would be an asset to any team in any capacity. Not to mention he is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, people I’ve ever met in my life."

Lea Palmieri

Senior Producer at

"Rob is beyond knowledgeable when it comes to the entire podcast process. He's extremely well-versed in the technical aspects including the programs, equipment and logistics it takes to make a great episode and series as a whole. Creatively, Rob is able to provide fantastic and helpful feedback on the contents of a program, unafraid to dive deep into the topics that the hosts are discussing and offer smart and insightful constructive criticism. He is also able to pitch ideas for segments, topics and overall improvements for a podcast. He's a fantastic team player and always on top of things, the kind of guy you're never sitting around waiting to hear back from. He takes initiative and cares about the projects at hand, and he's one of those people you just like to see around the halls."

Adam johnson

Author and creator of Bullseye Brief.
Former Bloomberg anchor.

"Rob is podcast magic. He brilliantly edits hours of recording into moments of brilliance, and makes it all seem so easy."

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